Brandon Lambiris, MD

Brandon Lambiris, MD

As just the second medical student ever awarded an Integrated Plastic Surgery residency at Florida State School of Medicine, Dr. Lambiris brings the highest level of training and surgical skill to each consultation. He dedicates himself to sharing the life-changing benefits of plastic surgery with as many people as possible.

Dr. Brandon Lambiris knows the power of plastic surgery. As an adventurous child, Dr. Lambiris wound up in the ER after being “pretty seriously banged up.” Or, at least he would have been, were it not for a plastic surgeon to minimize his scars. Inspired by these events, Dr. Lambiris dedicated himself to helping others heal in the same way. His surgical prowess and top-tier training have made him a highly respected plastic surgeon among patients and colleagues alike.

Dr. Lambiris returned to Florida to pay these gifts forward to his patients at West Coast Plastic Surgery.





2677 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 3
Sarasota, FL 34239

Brandon Lambiris, MD

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