David A. Lickstein, M.D.

David A. Lickstein, M.D.

Not every surgeon can consistently deliver natural results. The question: What is the fine line between just enough – and too much? Dr. Lickstein has the experience and judgment to know that it is a matter of millimeters, sometimes a single stitch – that is the art behind the science. His philosophy and approach combine world-class skill with a sincere devotion to making a difference for his patients, peers, the specialty and the community. In recognition of his skill and commitment he has been named “Best in Palm Beach Gardens”, one of the “Best Doctors in America”, as well as a Castle Connolly regional “Top Doctor” by his peers. Tufts University School of Medicine awarded him the Citation for Excellence in Teaching and a special award for the senior resident most supportive of the more junior trainees.

Refreshed, but not Overdone – The first question Dr. Lickstein asks himself with every patient is, “How can I best achieve a natural, non-surgical appearance?” In Dr. Lickstein’s hands, patients can put aside their fears about looking “overdone”, distorted, too tight or obvious. He considers each patient’s distinct brand of beauty something to build upon rather than change. According to Dr. Lickstein, the finest results are those that are so skillfully executed, that no one can quite figure out what has changed.

The Heart of a Teacher – Despite all the information available on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, there exists—in some cases– profound misunderstanding about products, procedures, techniques and application. Dr. Lickstein takes his role as educator seriously and allows time to truly explain the safest, best options to accomplish a patient’s goals. His patient, approachable demeanor quickly puts patients at ease.

Why Advanced Training Matters — Microsurgery changes the aesthetic paradigm. Dr. Lickstein’s fellowship in Microsurgery at Harvard Medical School gives him with exceptional skill in a specialty where millimeters make a difference. His background benefits every patient, whether cosmetic or reconstructive in nature.






5540 PSA Boulevard, Suite 200
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

David A. Lickstein, M.D.

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