Legislative Update “FSPS Working For You!”

August 28, 2017

Dear Fellow FSPS Members:

As most members know, any Level III office surgery patient over the age of 40 must currently undergo both a complete work-up and an EKG, creating both an administrative and financial burden on both patients and surgeons. The FSPS has argued that mandatory work-ups for these younger patients are not always medically necessary, and that mandatory EKGs, regardless of medical history, are an unnecessary burden that does not improve patients safety.

And the Board of Medicine heard us. The Board of Medicine agreed to change the rule so that only those Level III patients over the age of 50 must obtain complete work-ups, and EKGs will no longer be required unless the History and Physical provides a medically necessary reason for such additional testing.

This change will apply to all Level III office surgeries taking place on or after September 4, 2017.

General Counsel
Chris Nuland at nulandlaw@aol.com

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