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Offering your business the endorsement of the largest plastic surgery society in the Southeast.

Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons

What Is A Valued Industry Partner?

A Valued Industry Partner (VIP) is a company who enters into an agreement with the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons to provide its members with a discount on the products and/or services they offer Plastic Surgeons

VIPs are provided with the FSPS VIP logo which they can include in their marketing materials, on their website, and in their communications, to identify themselves to FSPS members.

VIPs are listed on a dedicated page on the FSPS website with a link to their website.

VIPs may provide FSPS with information about the products and/or services to be emailed to the membership on a regular basis.

VIPs are featured in the FSPS Enews publication which is emailed to the members each quarter.

Why Should I Become A VIP?


The Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons has over 170 active members.

When an FSPS member can purchase the same item from several different companies, in most instances, they will choose the company who is offering a discount on the product they need.

You choose how much of a discount you are prepared to offer FSPS members.


Provide FSPS with the information you would like our members to have, and we will distribute it via periodic emails.


Through various methods of identifying our VIPs to our members, your company name will become more familiar and more widely known to our membership.

What Does FSPS Get?


FSPS gets an effective membership recruitment tool.

When VIPs offer our members a discount, many non-members will see the advantage of joining FSPS. With more and more companies becoming VIPs, it won’t take long for Plastic Surgeons in Florida to realize major savings which would more than cover their annual dues in FSPS.


Tangible member benefits are vital in maintaining membership numbers. Through the FSPS VIP program, everyone wins.



Abbott Nutrition

A leader in nutrition science, Abbott Nutrition’s goal is to deliver nutrition products and education that help people across the world live their best life. We support Plastic Surgeons with Juven, which is an over the counter targeted amino acid nutrition therapy. Clinically shown to expedite incision healing and enhance collagen formation. A 25% discount for offices who setup an account on the Abbott Store to purchase and resell Juven.

Abbott Nutrition Contact:

Perry Morgan:  614-747-5728
Angela Hamilton:  407-457-9087

Allergan Aesthetics


Allergan is pleased to provide a discount on AlloDerm and Strattice to the FSPS members. Please have members work with their local territory manager for ordering purposes.

Allergan Contact:

Elizabeth Percy:  813-777-4265

American Association for Physician Leadership

American Association for Physician Leadership

Since 1975, the American Association for Physician Leadership has helped physicians develop their leadership skills through education, career development, thought leadership and community building. FSPS members will be offered member rates.

AAPL Contact:

Dawn McKnight:  813-636-2817

Allergan Aesthetics

Applied Medico-legal Solutions Risk Retention Group, Inc.

Applied Medico-legal Solutions Risk Retention Group, Inc. (AMS RRG) – 10% off all standard pricing for annual Medical Malpractice Liability premiums.

AMS Contact:

Harry K. Moon, MD:  954-990-7052

American Association for Physician Leadership


ARX is offering cost plus or “interchange” plus pricing as well as a free EMV (Chip Card enabled) terminal to anyone that needs one. We will perform a no cost audit of any members current program to determine the potential savings of switching to this pricing model.

ARX Contact:

Brian Fatigati:  407-797-5829

Allergan Aesthetics


Plastic Surgery Instrumentation ASSI Show Pricing Year Round!

ASSI Contact:

Tim Rhino:  516-589-2149

American Association for Physician Leadership


Biodermis purchasing offices: Additional 10% off the professional discounted prices. For referring offices: Personalized 10% off coupon code for patients’ use.
(Representative must be contacted to take advantage of these offers).

Biodermis Contact:

Sean Mahoney:  702-260-4466

Allergan Aesthetics

Black & Black Surgical

Black & Black Surgical offers high quality plastic surgical instruments including liposuction cannulas, high flow suction aspirator, fluid counting infiltrator and fat harvesting / re-injection cannulas to include Puregraft™ and Red Head™ fat collection systems. Black Diamond™ Rasps, Tebbetts™ instruments, NobleTouch™ Bipolar Forceps, Endoplastic instruments and equipment.

A 10% discount is applicable to all products: excludes the vibrasat power system and repair services.

Black & Black Surgical’s Contact:

Ian Lacey:  816-868-3225

American Association for Physician Leadership

Black Talon Security

Black Talon Security - 10% discount on Cybersecurity Services which include: an initial cybersecurity audit, live (webinar-based) cybersecurity awareness training, quarterly vulnerability scans of your internal and external network, and penetration testing

10% discount on HIPAA Compliance Services which include: Security/Privacy Officer training, staff training, risk management assessment, review and assistance with policies and procedures, etc.

Black Talon Security Contact:

Paul Murphy:  800-683-3797

Allergan Aesthetics

Capital Preservation Services

Capital Preservation Services specializes in income tax planning for self-employed Plastic Surgeons paying an excess of $100,000 in taxes each year. The Tax Attorneys and Consultants at CPS can help you legally minimize your tax liability by up to 40% with their structuring and planning.

Contact Wilson Dallas at CPS for a free tax savings analysis to see how much you could be saving with the right plan and structure in place. Taxes will be going up and now is a crucial time to start planning in order to save.

FSPS members will receive a 10% discount on all initial fees to CPS. CPS also offers group discounts to practices with multiple partners.
There is still time to save in 2020, act now!

CPSLLC Contact:

Wilson Dallas:  601- 927-1679

American Association for Physician Leadership is a nationally recognized merchant service provider specializing Zero Cost Processing- let us show you how to reduce your fees to $0.00! Contact:

Paul Murphy:

Allergan Aesthetics

Christopher Nuland, Esq.

Christopher Nuland, Esq., lobbyist and attorney has had a long time relationship with The Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons. Mr. Nuland is available to all FSPS members.

Don’t forget to ask about the FSPS discount!


Christopher Nuland, Esq.:  904-355-1555

American Association for Physician Leadership


Doc-DI is now offering to FSPS members a free evaluation of your current insurance and a 20% discount on Disability products. Also, FREE life insurance for some healthcare workers.

Many of our FSPS members in Florida experienced what it was like to be unable to practice during the initial start of the Pandemic. If you were unable to practice in your occupation because of a disability, this also occurs. As Physicians continue to put themselves at risk, we are providing more specialty disability and life insurance protection for less. We have negotiated discounts for members of FSPS and are able to cover over 65% of current earnings.

Because of the current situation, many of the underwriting restrictions have been lifted to facilitate both Disability and Life policies for you with policy benefits offered up to age 70 and beyond.

Serving Doctors for over 30 years, we can provide peace of mind during these difficult times. Please e-mail or text us for your FREE personal evaluation. Contact:

Maureen Kirschhofer, CLU, ChFC: 904-730-9654

Allergan Aesthetics



By ordering directly from Eagle, FSPS receives exclusive benefits:
Special pricing (25% discount off WAC)
Live, in-person demonstrations and help with MH drills
Annual supply of mock drill vials at no cost
Shelf life of 33 months from manufacture date
In the treatment of malignant Hyperthermia (MH), only the Ryanodex formulation of dantrolene sodium allows for rapid response with 1 vial, by 1 provider, in less than 1 minute.

Eagle Pharmaceuticals Contact:

South Florida/Miami: Jody Pearson:  201-962-5679

West coast/Tampa: Brandon Derrick:  551-579-2044

North Florida/Orlando: Nick Fuller:  904-584-5320

TLH/Panhandle: Morgan Sansing:  205- 567-6769

American Association for Physician Leadership


Edgewood Healthcare Advisors (a division of EPIC Brokers) provides customized medical malpractice insurance and risk management solutions for physician practices and healthcare facilities around the country. Medical Malpractice Program with a 5-15% discounts depending on location and eligibility

Edgewood Healthcare Advisors Contact:

Teddy Gillen: 404-719-4442

Allergan Aesthetics

Emergency Services Training

Emergency Services Training is a group of four health care professionals with over 140 years of pre-hospital, critical/intensive care, and anesthesia experience and over 100 years of clinical instruction. . Our classes are 100% stress-free and are usually completed in 2-3 hours, depending on class size and courses needed. We can do multiple courses in the same session/day and have your new, updated certifications delivered immediately.

Emergency Services Training Contact:

Mike Ducharme:  407-467-0141

American Association for Physician Leadership

Illumination Consulting

Illumination Consulting is a full-service, digital marketing agency that has been working with website owners to increase sales and profitability for over 20 years.

Services We Offer:

• SEO/Search Engine Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Content Marketing/Blogging
• Website Design
• Graphic Design
• Video Design
• Business Consulting

We are offering all FSPS members a free business consultation with any of our marketing services. In addition, all members qualify for an additional 15% discount on all marketing services and a 25% on website design and development services.

Illumination Consulting Contact:

Frank W. Buonanotte: 800-619-3734

Allergan Aesthetics


Introducing ILLUSIO. The next generation in computer imaging. Featuring the latest in 3D augmented reality technology, Illusio combines a fluid and lifelike 3D virtual image of your patient’s breasts with a live image of her face and body to transform an iPad into a virtual mirror. Your patients can now see themselves and their future bodies in real time. When patients are able to see just what they will look like after surgery, size and outcome anxiety is reduced and patient satisfaction rates climb

Illusio Contact:

Travis Eckert, Vice President of Sales:  904-386-3231

American Association for Physician Leadership


LendingUSA is a leading provider of patient financing for elective medical procedures. Our platform allows patients to pay the out-of-pocket costs for procedures in low monthly payments, while ensuring you get paid quickly and reliably.

All FSPS members that are not currently a LendingUSA merchant will receive a $100 American Express Gift Card upon successfully enrolling with the company.
How LendingUSA Helps Your Practice
No provider fees on prime loans. When you perform a $5,000 procedure, you receive $5,000
We approve loans up to $35,000 so you can grow revenue with more high-cost procedures.
Our high approval rates include a wide range of credit scores, empowering you to help more patients afford treatment with our simple one-page application that can be completed in minutes, treatment can start the same day a patient is approved!

LendingUSA Contact:

Matthew Lorton: (800) 994-6177 Ext. 539

Allergan Aesthetics


Discounted web design, web marketing, email marketing, advertising and reputation management.

Media Sophia Contact:

George Magalios:  561-701-8612

American Association for Physician Leadership

Merchant Advocate

Merchant Advocate helps businesses lower the cost of accepting credit cards, WITHOUT SWITCHING PROCESSORS. Our team of analysts will perform a FREE analysis of your statement to uncover any hidden fees, coding errors or inflated rates. We negotiate on your behalf to eliminate those fees and monitor your account every month to ensure you keep saving. There are no upfront costs and no obligation.
Merchant Advocate has helped our clients save over $100 million dollars in excess fees and hidden costs. Through our intensive Analyze, Adjust, and Audit process, we can help put money back in your pocket. Get your free analysis today!

Take advantage of our exclusive offer to FSPS Members:

Merchant Advocate will perform a FREE ANALYSIS and provide a 20% discount off our services!

Merchant Advocate Contact:

Michael J. Giongo : 610-724-2461

Allergan Aesthetics

Modernizing Medicine®

Modernizing Medicine® is transforming how healthcare information is created, consumed and utilized in order to increase practice efficiency and improve patient outcomes. As the healthcare landscape continues to transform and evolve, we are dedicated to supporting plastic surgery practices with our suite of plastic surgery-specific products and services developed with practices just like yours in mind. Our plastic surgery-specific, data-driven and cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems, plus Business Operations Services, were built by a team including plastic surgeons and practice management professionals. We also offer solutions for your virtual practice, including telehealth, contactless intake and payment features and a robust suite of tools for patient engagement and empowerment, such as patient self-scheduling, appointment reminders, on-demand messaging and patient surveys. Other solutions we offer include Analytics, Inventory Management, Photo Management, and tools for collecting and
submitting MIPS data.

Modernizing Medicine Contact:

Jake Smith:  231-742-2468

American Association for Physician Leadership

MTF – Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation

15% off Renuva, an off-the-shelf allograft adipose matrix engineered to treat small-volume aesthetic irregularities, without the need for liposuction.

MTF – Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation Contact:

Jon Werner: 732-661-2329

Allergan Aesthetics

Nautilus PPE

Nautilus PPE of Gardiner, ME was spawned by the dramatic need for personal protective equipment brought about by the coronavirus. With parent company Sebago Lake Distillery, the adjustment to serve Americans through production of sanitizer was a natural one. In addition, we have worked diligently to secure and make available masks, and other PPE of the highest quality, in large quantities and in small.

Through extensive industry contacts Nautilus has been able to negotiate better and better supply contracts and are passing savings along to our customers. We look forward to serving the needs of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons for many years to come. We thank you for this opportunity to serve!

As a member of FSPS is processing their order they will find on the processing page a, Coupon Area, where the discount code will be entered. The code that should be used is FSPS15, which will subtract 15% from the product order.

Nautilus PPE Contact:

Glen E. Hooten:  404-312-5924

American Association for Physician Leadership


Navitas provides equipment financing to small and medium sized business throughout the United States. We help businesses acquire the equipment they need to grow and stay competitive. Our Healthcare Division offers over 50 years of healthcare financing experience and is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals meet their equipment procurement needs. Navitas was founded in 2008 in Ponte Vedra, Florida and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of United Community Bank, Inc. a bank holding company based in Blairsville, Georgia with $12.4 billion in assets.

Navitas Contact:

Mark McEvoy: 904-543-2575 ext. 223

Allergan Aesthetics

Nautilus PPE

New Life Regenerative Medicine is an FDA regulated and multi-state licensed tissue bank, educational provider offering CME/Us, Regenerative Consulting firm, and Medical Distribution Company. We host a Regenerative Aesthetics program where clinicians get certified at the University of South Florida’s Center For Advanced Learning and Medical Simulation and teach clinicians in a state-of-the-art surgical center.
There, Clinicians can learn:
• Principals of Regenerative Medicine
• Micro-Needling
• Non-Surgical Bio Face Lifts
• Non-Surgical Bio Hair Restoration
• Sexual Function with Biologics
• Protocols
• Hands On Didactics with real Patients
We look forward to helping you elevate the standard of your practice to achieve better results in surgical and non-surgical procedures with Wharton’s Jelly, Exosomes, and advanced Facial Imaging technology to increase your sales. Physicians who are a part of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons will receive 10% off of all biologics products and will have the $2,500 consulting fee waved.

New Life Regenerative Medicine Contact:

Audre Ward:  727-831-8300

American Association for Physician Leadership


NextTrip is a subscription-based, corporate travel solution that provides users ability to book discounted travel (Air, Lodging and Car rentals) and manage expenses. The solution is offered with a free 90-day trial.

NextTrip Contact:

Brandon Tipsword: 954-734-8968

Allergan Aesthetics

Pipeline Medical

Pipeline Medical is a purchase aggregator for small and mid-sized practices. We provide members with 20-50% average cost savings on their medical supplies, all while savings staff 8-12 hours weekly on administrative tasks. It is completely free to join, and all orders can easily be placed Pipeline Medical’s online webstore.

Pipeline Medical Contact:

Zachary Ducharme:  646-887-7059

American Association for Physician Leadership


Offering two pricing programs: 1.00% qualified rate program or interchange + 0.10% program. FREE Equipment: EMV Desktop terminal or virtual terminal (with or without credit card reader)

Quantus Solutions Contact:

Michael DiPietro: 305-297-2137

Allergan Aesthetics

Vizium360 and RealPatientRatings

Vizium360 and RealPatientRatings provide a full suite of tools to engage your patients through fully customizable surveys, provide you with patient feedback and analytics, protect and boost your online reputation, and enhance your online footprint.
Contact us for savings of up to 20%.

Vizium 360 and RealPatientRatings Contact:

Bronwen Southard: 800-267-1228 ext 202

American Association for Physician Leadership


RCP helps your patients heal better with The Gift of Recovery. You will love the luxe, cheerful packaging aimed at elevating the patient experience! The RCP lineup caters to aesthetic patients preparing for and recovering from plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. Each product has a unique purpose, designed to aid at a specific stage of the recovery process. When used together, these care products work synergistically to reduce discomfort, accelerate healing and optimize outcomes. NEW: Branded Foil-Stamped Gift Boxes & Recovery Bags!

All FSPS members receive a 15% First Order Discount and a complimentary social media affiliate link & promo code earning 45% royalties. Wholesale, Dropship & Affiliate Partnerships Available.

Recovery Care Products Contact:

Shannon Wamser: 847-558-9195

Allergan Aesthetics

Red Spot Interactive

Red Spot Interactive has developed a software system that connects your marketing and patient acquisition data into one intuitive platform. We make it easy for you to increase profits by understanding every step of the patient acquisition and retention process based on your exact ROI.
Call Today for the special FSPS Member 10% discount!

Red Spot Interactive Contact:

Ryan Lehr: 561-899-4124

American Association for Physician Leadership

RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC

RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC partners with medical and surgical facilities to help with all your compliance needs, assisting with regulatory standards, patient safety, improved work flow and exposure reduction in litigation in a cost-effective manner. We will keep you up to date and at the highest standard of patient safety, satisfaction and facility compliance. It is our goal to be: Your Partner in Patient Safety

RSL Healthcare Consulting Contact Person:

Randy S. Langsam, HRM: 561-213-5125

Allergan Aesthetics

New Medical Technology

10% Discount on all Silagen Scar Refinement Products!

New Medical Technology Contact:



847-412-1000 xtn. 28

American Association for Physician Leadership


Switch to the #1 Mobile EHR/Practice Management platform for plastic surgery by May 31, 2020 and we'll waive your payments for the first 3 months. Symplast is a HIPAA secure, true cloud practice software that automates your front desk, simplifies your clinical workflows, and streamlines your financial transactions and reporting. Plus, you'll get access to our brand new Symplast v2.0 features:

· Medical PRM - Lead Tracking, Monitoring & Follow-Up
· Memberships/Loyalty Program
· Full Insurance RCM (Revenue Cycle Management)
· Advanced KPI Dashboard & Analytics
· Canfield Integration
· Windows & MacOS Desktop Apps
· Redesigned S.M.A.R.T. Home Screen
· Happy Birthday Automated Promotions (email & text)
· And more!

Symplast Contact: 954-363-1420

Allergan Aesthetics

The Laser Professionals


The Laser Professionals Contact:

Frank Greco:

American Association for Physician Leadership


TouchMD is a visual consultation, education, marketing and imaging software utilizing touchscreen technology that enhances the patient experience with the proven revenue generation.

TouchMD Contact:


Chris Orchard 435-669-8700

Allergan Aesthetics

Universal Healthcare Consulting

Universal Healthcare Consulting is introducing UHCloud2, the only compliance software platform that meets all the requirements of the Florida BOM, AAAASF and AAAHC.

The UHCloud2 is the most robust compliance platform in the industry:
• Automated employee files • Automated crash cart ordering and supply tracking • Policies • Surgical Forms • Logs • Occurrence Reporting

The UHCloud2 platform has been used to perform the industry’s first virtual inspection by an accrediting body.

Call for a free demo: