Chemical Peels in Florida

A chemical peel is a great solution for patients who want to avoid procedures like cosmetic surgery or injectables. There are a number of chemical peels that are available to treat a myriad of skin conditions. Improve the look and feel of your skin with this minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a skin care treatment that uses chemical solutions to remove the topmost layers of skin in order to reveal smoother, blemish-free skin. Different strengths are available to treat a variety of skin imperfections and problems, including scarring, sun damage, wrinkles and more. Chemical peels can be performed by a specialized skin care professional and is one of the least invasive procedures available to exfoliate the skin and improve your overall appearance.

The Benefits of a Chemical Peel

The benefits of chemical peels include the treatment of skin conditions, such as acne scarring, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rough skin, uneven color and more. A chemical peel can be performed on the face, hands or chest, as those are the areas that are most likely to develop blemishes and wrinkles over time. After a chemical peel, your skin will feel softer, smoother and more refined.

Chemical Peels in Florida

Is a Chemical Peel Right For Me?

Chemical peels are ideal solutions for patients who need mild to severe exfoliation of their skin. They are a great addition to your skin care regimen as they are minimally invasive and have the strength to treat stubborn problem areas. If you wish for brighter, smoother, more youthful skin, consider scheduling a chemical peel at a cosmetic clinic or MedSpa.

The Chemical Peel Procedure

The chemical peel procedure usually takes around an hour and involves the chemical peel of your choice being applied to your skin by a specially trained physician. Before the peel is applied, your skin will be cleaned and slightly prepped to prepare for the procedure. Following the treatment, your skin will be red and tender, so it is important to use sunscreen and avoid direct sun for the first few weeks. Once your skin is fully healed, you will be able to enjoy the results of your chemical skin peel.

How Much Does a Chemical Peel Cost?

The cost of your chemical peel will depend on the solution, strength, and other factors. Schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon to learn more about the cost of a chemical peel.

What Should I Do Next?

You should find a board-certified plastic surgeon or skin care professional in your area. Take a moment and browse through our selection of highly trained plastic surgeons in Florida.

Do you have rough scaly skin or unsightly scars on your face? These and a number of other skin conditions can be treated with a chemical peel skin care procedure. Schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon today to learn more about chemical peels and the different solutions available.