Scar Revision in Florida

Long after an injury or surgery, people can continue to suffer if they experience very large, dark or raised scars. A scar revision could be needed to eliminate unsightly scars or keep them from rubbing against clothing.

What is Scar Revision?

A scar revision is a procedure that reduces the size of a scar so that it is visibly less noticeable. While a scar revision can greatly reduce a scar, it’s important to note that it cannot eliminate it altogether.

Benefits of Scar Revision

People are often very self-conscious about their scars, particularly those on the face. For these individuals, a scar revision can help them feel less self-conscious. Some scars may also rub against clothing and cause discomfort, something that can be greatly reduced or eliminated after a scar revision. Many patients notice routine itchiness, numbness or tingling that is intense enough to disrupt everyday activities. Scar revisions often eliminate these uncomfortable sensations so that they are no longer bothersome.

Scar Revision in Florida

Is Scar Revision Right for Me?

Are you embarrassed by large scars? Do you find that your scar is frequently numb, itchy or tingling? If so, then a scar revision could be right for you.

Elements of a Scar Revision

A scar revision involves:

  • Local or topical anesthesia
  • Removal of excess scar tissue, the method of which will vary based upon the exact configuration of your scar
  • Stitches, in the event, that incisions are used
  • Bandaging the area to keep it sterile during the healing process

How Involved is the Scar Revision Procedure?

Most scar revisions take only a few minutes and are in-office procedures that require only minimal anesthesia.

How Long is the Recovery After Scar Revision Procedure?

You may need to apply antibiotic cream to the surgical site for two to three weeks afterwards. Aside from that, there is virtually no other recovery necessary.

How Much Does a Scar Revision Procedure Cost?

Prices may vary based on your individual case. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will provide you with additional information during your consultation.

Questions To Ask Your Scar Revision Surgeon

  • Will scar revision surgery provide me with visibly noticeable results?
  • Will surgery eliminate numbness, tingling or itching?
  • What type of aftercare is required?

What Should I Do Next?

Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your problematic scar and find out if scar revision surgery can help.

Scars do not have to cause you constant heartache. Scar revisions are often very effective at reducing the size of your scars, as well as eliminating any discomfort they may bring.