Thigh Lift in Florida

The growing popularity of body trends seen on social media and in modeling have decidedly resulted in a spotlight on thighs. Having toned, shapely thighs seems to be universally valued by men and women alike. The thigh lift procedure is a cosmetic surgery to help women and men shape and contour the thighs.

Why Get a Thigh Lift?

The thigh lift is a cosmetic procedure that can help shape and slim the thighs. This procedure affords people results that are more dramatic than those from liposuction alone. With this procedure, the results of slimmer, more toned thighs are visible immediately and typically reduce the circumference of the thighs noticeably. This procedure is a safe, effective way to shape and slim one of the most common trouble areas of the body.

What is the Thigh Lift Procedure?

The thigh lift is a procedure that aims to reshape the thighs, resulting in a tighter, more toned appearance. This procedure should always be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon and only after a professional consultation. In the consultation, the doctor will determine the best way to prepare you for your specific procedure. The procedure can be customized based on each individual’s desired outcomes, but it typically follows the same sequence of steps.

Thigh Lift in Florida

In a typical thigh lift procedure, the doctor will make a carefully placed incision somewhere along the top of the thigh; placement depends upon the desired outcome. The skin is then pulled tight. Excess skin and fat can then be properly removed from the area before the incision is closed. The size of the incision will vary from patient to patient, but the doctor will ensure you are appropriately bandaged and have all the necessary tools for a comfortable recovery. This method greatly reduces the overall volume of the thighs and specifically slims the stubborn upper thighs, which can be a problem area for many.

What are the Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

The thigh lift procedure offers individuals cosmetic and mental benefits. Because the thighs are notoriously difficult to shape with diet and exercise, the thigh lift can be extremely rewarding for individuals who’ve grown frustrated with a lack of thigh progress. The instant results are satisfying, but the long-term results are even more beneficial. In addition to simply changing the shape and size of the thighs, this procedure can:

  • Enhance the body’s silhouette
  • Result in a smaller pant size
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Enhance the youthful appearance of the legs
  • Minimize dimpling or unsightly skin
  • Improve the muscle tone of the upper legs
  • Decrease chafing and/or discomfort

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Procedure Cost?

Prices will vary based on your individual case. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will provide you additional information during your consultation.

What Should I Do Next?

If you’re unhappy with the size or shape of your thighs, you can choose to undergo a thigh lift to help shape and contour your legs, but also your entire body. If you think you may be a candidate for this effective procedure, schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.