Legislative Wrap-Up

In a year in which legislators failed to pass legislation even on their priority issues, such as Direct Primary Care, Worker’s Compensation Marijuana Regulation, the FSPS was able to boast some notable achievements.

Defensively, we worked very hard to successfully prevent the passage of several anti-physician pieces of legislation. Optometrists did not receive the right to perform surgery (including blepharoplasty); ARNPs and PAs did not receive the right to practice independently; Pharmacists did not receive the right to diagnose and prescribe; and we were able to prevent new, onerous CME requirements.

In a similar vein outside of the Legislature, the Board of Nursing agreed with the FSPS and denied a request to allow an RN to administer Botox without the direct supervision of a physician.

And there were several pieces of notable legislation that did pass. On the Session’s final day the Legislature passed a bill would both increase access to office procedures by allowing the use of both a single opiate and single anxiolytic in Level I offices while simultaneously improving safety by requiring reversal agents for when such medications are used. Similarly, in the fight against opioid abuse the Legislature passed bills both funding the Prescription Data Monitoring Program and requiring more timely reporting of the dispensing of such medications.

All in all, it was a banner year. Thank you to all those who came to Tallahassee or contacted their legislators as part of our legislative program. Your contributions are essential to our success, and we look forward to your continued involvement in 2018.

As always, it is a pleasure and honor to serve.

The FSPS will continue to keep you informed as events transpire. Should you have any questions or need help finding a qualified risk manager, please contact: General Counsel: Chris Nuland at nulandlaw@aol.com